Music Therapy & Sound Healing

I have had the pleasant task of collaborating with healing sound therapy in the best yoga space in Ibiza – Ibiza Yoga Retreat – together with the yogi teacher Lena Tancredi and the Sound Healing teacher Deva Alchi.

432 Hz frequency

For a long time I have been experimenting and working with the 432 Hz frequency and alternatively I use this tuning in some of my concerts, especially in moments when deep feeling, relaxation and the heart chakra have to be worked on.

Personally, I have experienced that with a guitar with a large body and good resonance, the 432 Hz tuning produces more harmonics and floods the chest more and causes the sound waves to travel more perceptively in the human body as opposed to the 440 Hz tuning.

Roberto Daiqui

Roberto Daiqui is a master guitarist resident in Ibiza. Spanish style, Brazilian, Classical, Jazz and more. Book now for weddings and events.

Scribble section

In this section -and when time allows me- I will be writing some musical notes and I hope you will comment and exchange your views

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